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Tokyo Shinjuu ch3 by Totempole

Thank you so much for the shower of comments in previous post. It was a pleasure to read them, especially as a lot of you commented on the content and some of you even said you'll buy the book. As a translator, hearing people will buy the book, I could hardly wish for anything better than that ^^;;

Our releases are a bit slow lately, but they'll get more frequent with time. It would help a lot if we could get another translator and well versed final quality checker. If interested please let us know at bunny26a3 [at] gmail.com.

And here's another chapter of Tokyo Shinjuu for you. It should have been released way sooner, but a lot's happen. Tokyo Shinjuu getting no. 1 in Kono BL ga Yabai! is something that took as a back. We knew it's super popular in Japan but on our side it was a bit unexpected. At least it brought some attention to the title outside of Japan as well. Either way congratulations Totempole-sensei!

Before you read we'd like to point out there was a translation mistake that might confuse some of you while reading this chapter. In ch.2 after Yano-san turned down Miyasaka's dinner invitation Yano-san offered to invite him next time. This mistake will be fixed when we'll finish the volume with compiled vol. 1 chapters upload.

Enjoy reading :)

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu
Author: Totempole
Buy paper: Honto, Mangaoh, Amazon, yesasia
Buy digital: Renta, ebookjapan
Chapter 3 

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Canis -Dear Mr. Rain- by ZAKK

We had nothing for you through December holidays or New Year (well we never do anything special for those sort of days ^^;;).

But we're celebrating our 1st anniversary here~
Technically it was yesterday, but we came so far we decided to postpone it for a day so this lovely title would receive best treatment we can offer.

I, apparently still the admin of this group, would like to thank whole team for sticking up with me for the past year.
Extra thanks to eyms13 for doing awesome and fast proofreading in last week despise being busy. And of course Sachy, for typesetting a full volume, cleaning 40pages and fixing other details in past week; this wouldn't be possible without you.

On another note we're looking for experienced cleaners (if you can typeset even better) and translators to help us clean up our current list so we can move to some more kinky projects as well :3
Contact us at bunny26a3 [at] gmail.com if interested.

I'd also like to say a word or two about Canis. It's one of those titles that are absolute joy to read and an eye candy. The author know how to make full use of image and words. Frankly I was quite overwhelmed when I first read it. I hope we have done this title justice and you'll be able to share at least a fraction of joy with us as well.

Without further ado we present first volume of Canis series by ZAKK.

Title: Canis -Dear Mr.Rain-
Buy paper: Honto, Mangaoh, Amazon, yesasia
Summary: [+/-] show/hide text Kutsuna Satoru, a hat maker, picks up a man collapsed on the side of the road named Kashiba Ryou, who came to Japan to die.

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EDIT: If you were fast enough to download first version please download again. Chapter 1 did not look the way it should ^^;;


Fudanshi-kun no Honey Days ch2 by Yodogawa Yuo

Hi all :D

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ^^ Anyway, we have another Sunday release for you, chapter 2 of this cute but very smutty manga :D

And yes, we still desperately need Editors and Translators so, if you can help, drop us an email at bunny26a3@gmail.com .... Freelancers would be great as well so please lend a hand ^^

Title: Fudanshi-kun no Honey Days 
Author: Yodogawa Yuo
Genre: Yaoi 
Summary: [+/-] show/hide text When Kanata broke a promise to Ichika, his punishment was to...?

Chapter 2
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T.S.D Vol.1 by Kobucha

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! ^^

You may wonder why Nachi's not the one posting this release but, because of various reasons, she's entrusted me with the all-important tasks of posting our releases over here and on our tumblr page so I hope I won't disappoint ^^;... 

On a more serious note, we really need help with the following positions:
- Typesetter
- Editor
- Translator 

So if you're interested in helping out, just drop us an email at bunny26a3@gmail.com and help us spread more yaoi goodness :D

Anyway, today's release is a really hot bara with very cute story ^^ so hope you guys like it....

Title: T.S.D.
Author: Kobucha
Circle: Dokudenpa Jushintei
Vol.: Vol.1
Summary: [+/-] show/hide text Akagi had always longed for Eikichi-senpai, so how did Umenda-senpai come into the equation?

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